Guided by our corporate philosophy of “contributing to the health of humankind through the development of revolutionary biotechnologies such as gene therapy,” and from the perspective of increasing our medium- to long-term corporate value, Takara Bio Group is working to solve various social challenges concerning sustainability, in the area of wellness as well as other areas, through our business activities. We aim to strike a balance between becoming a sustainable company and achieving sustained growth of Takara Bio Group. As part of this effort, we identified materialities (important issues) and are collaborating with stakeholders and partnering with Takara Holdings Group to carry out sustainability management to help solve social issues.


We identified eight materialities that are most relevant to the Group’s business, with additional consideration to stakeholder expectations, that we will look to as we carry out our sustainability activities. As we tackle social issues with our central focus on these eight materialities, we aim to strike a balance between becoming a sustainable company and achieving sustained growth of Takara Bio Group.

Initiative areas for each materiality and Sustainability Policies


  • Supporting life science research and its development around the world
  • Application of gene analysis technologies to testing and diagnosis
  • Initiatives to develop gene therapy


  • Promoting Corporate Governance
  • Promoting Compliance
  • Strengthening the Risk Management System

Takara Bio Group Basic Policy on Anti-Corruption


  • Addressing Climate Change Issues
  • Environmentally Conscious Product Packages and Packaging

Takara Bio Group Environmental Policy 

Human Rights

  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Initiatives to Identify Human Rights Risks

Takara Bio Group Human Rights Policy

Human Resources

  • Human Resource Development and Organizational Development
  • Promote the active participation of diverse human resources and realize a comfortable work environment and work-life balance

Takara Bio Group Human Resources Policy


  • Support for the next generation/local communities
  • Support for victims and regions in the event of a large-scale disaster

System for implementation

The Group established a Takara Bio Group Sustainability Promotion Committee chaired by the President of Takara Bio to implement sustainability activities, and is carrying out initiatives related to each materiality.

For more information on the Takara Holdings Group's sustainability activities, please visit the Takara Holdings website.