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Takara Bio develops the original research reagents, scientific instruments, and contracted research services that utilize new genetic and cell engineering technologies, supporting life science and bioindustry around the world in fields that range from basic research to drug discovery and development.

Research Reagents and Scientific Instruments

Research reagents
Product Line-up

Promoting Strategies for Three Brands
Promoting Strategies for Three Brands


Since the launch of the first Japan's produced restriction enzyme in 1979, Takara Bio provides research reagents and scientific instruments for life sciences research at institutes such as universities and companies.

In 2005, Takara Bio acquired U.S.-based Clontech Laboratories (now Takara Bio USA, Inc.), a company that excels in the field of molecular biology.We then acquired E.U.-based Cellectis AB (now Takara Bio Europe AB), owner of technologies to induce differentiation of iPS and other stem cells, as well as products related to stem cells, in 2014. This has given the Takara Bio Group ownership of the TaKaRa®, Clontech®, and Cellartis® brands and a wide-ranging line-up of research reagent products. In 2007, we acquired WaferGen Bio-systems, which owns a single-cell analysis system (device), and Rubicon Genomics, which owns ultra-low input DNA analysis technology, allowing us to provide a wider range of products and services in the field of ultra-low input nucleic acid analysis, from basic research to industrial applications.

Through subsidiaries in the U.S., E.U., China, South Korea, and India, we are working to strengthen brand power and increase sales globally for our three brands.


Contracted Services
(CDMO: Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization)

Center for Gene and Cell Processing
Center for Gene and Cell Processing(Kusatsu, Shiga)

Our CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) business provides high added-value contracted services as an R&D partner to our customers. We provide a seamless package of regenerative medicine development support services and genetic testing support services such as genetic analysis for genome sequence and regenerative medicine.

1. Contracted Services for Developing Regenerative Medicine Products

With the Center for Gene and Cell Processing as our central facility, Takara Bio conducts contracted services that include manufacturing and developing virus vectors and cells for gene transduction based on Good Gene, Cellular and Tissue-based Products Manufacturing Practices (GCTP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Other contracted services include quality and safety testing and the production and storage of cell banks. Leveraging technologies and expertise developed through the clinical development of gene and cell therapies, we provide comprehensive support for the research, development, and industrial application of products in the regenerative medicine and cell therapy fields.

Life Innovation Center (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
The LIC Annex of the Center for Gene and Cell Processing,
one of the sites of our CDMO Business
External view (Life Innovation Center, Kawasaki, Kanagawa)

2. Contracted Gene Analysis Services

In addition to genetic testing support services such as human genome sequence analysis, comprehensive cancer gene analysis, and intestinal flora analysis, Takara Bio provides advanced genetic engineering research support services utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment used in techniques such as next-generation sequencing and genome editing. We are also focused on bioinformatics (life information science), providing high added-value services such as next-generation data mining to draw out useful information from vast quantities of acquired data.

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