Takara Bio Group Quality Assurance Policy

1. Basic Policy on Quality Assurance
  • The Takara Bio Group provides high quality products and services that fulfill the trust and expectations of customers.
  • The Takara Bio Group delivers products and services that are safe and that customers feel sure of.
  • The Takara Bio Group complies with laws and regulations.
  • The Takara Bio Group ensures the dissemination of this basic policy to each and every officer and employee in the Group and makes its execution certain.
2. Quality Assurance System
  • The Quality Assurance Management Committee isbased at the Head Office to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the company-wide quality assurance system.
  • Each business division has its own Quality Assurance Committee and ensures the compliance of each business division with the Basic Policy on Quality Assurance.
  • Compliance with the Basic Policy on Quality Assurance is also ensured at the Company’s subsidiaries, and subsidiaries establish a quality assurance system that is equivalent to the one at the Company.
  • The Quality Assurance Committees assess the status of establishment and operation of the quality assurance system in each business division and provide appropriate guidance and supervision.

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