Corporate Executives

(As of June 23, 2020)

Board Members

Chairman Hisashi Ohmiya
President & CEO Koichi Nakao
Executive Vice President Shuichiro Matsuzaki
Director Junichi Mineno
Director Masanobu Kimura
Director Tsuyoshi Miyamura
Director (External Director) Nobuko Kawashima
Director (External Director) Kazuko Kimura
Director (External Director) Noriomi Matsumura

Audit & Supervisory Board (ASB) Members

Standing ASB Member Akihiko Kita
Standing ASB Member Masahide Tamaki
ASB Member (External ASB Member) Kunihiko Kamada
ASB Member (External ASB Member) Yasuo Himeiwa
ASB Member (External ASB Member) Masaaki Makikawa

Executive Officers

Senior Executive Officer Yoh Hamaoka
Senior Executive Officer Kazuki Yamamoto
Senior Executive Officer Mutsumi Sano
Executive Officer Katsuhiko Kusakabe
Executive Officer Akira Kodera
Executive Officer Noritaka Nishiwaki
Executive Officer Masanari Kitagawa
Executive Officer Nobuto Koyama
Executive Officer Takuya Kakemi

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