Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to the health of humankind 
through the development of revolutionary 
biotechnologies such as gene therapy

Through our efforts aimed at life science research support and implementation of advanced medicine such as gene therapy, we are contributing to the creation of a society in which people can stay well and enjoy life.


We aim to be a global platformer

that is responsible for the infrastructure of the life science industry

through our Reagents/Instruments and CDMO businesses

Under the Medium-Term Management Plan 2026, in order to overcome “the Corona Cliff" and achieve dramatic growth, we will reform our business structure, and develop platform technology for biologics development. We will create new values and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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TaKaRa Five Values

The TaKaRa Five Values are the common values of the Takara Group. They indicate our fundamental values in terms of what we hold dear and what we should do as a corporation, re-expressing, in a way that is accessible to our employees in response to changes in the times and globalization, the thinking and spirit behind the Takara Group’s corporate motto of “Three Points of Importance, Three Points of Care.” With this as our common foundation, the Takara Bio Group has established a Corporate Philosophy, Business Strategy, Sustainability Management Promotion Policy, and Vision. By communicating these throughout the Group, we are working to confirm our organizational identity and cultivate a sense of unity.

1 Earn the trust of others

Uphold laws and social ethics, build trust gradually through individual actions, and gain confidence inside and outside the company

2 Pursue excellence in technology and quality

Exercise ingenuity, apply wisdom, and select only the best technologies to provide safe, reliable products and services to our customers

3 Demonstrate the spirit of challenge

Make repeated efforts to achieve our goals while adapting to environmental changes

4 Embrace and value diversity

Respect others’ thoughts and work together to enhance both our individual and team strengths

5 Take the initiative and ownership of every task

Take the lead to initiate action and fulfill the task without compromise



Takara Bio Group Identity