Human Resource

We respect our employees and aim to create a work environment where employees can work cheerfully and enthusiastically, create a nurturing work culture, and promote a balance between corporate, social, and private life within that environment and culture.

Fostering human resources

We have put in place systems and training programs for our personnel as we strive to achieve a corporate climate that can best reflect the skills possessed by and challenges faced by our employees in our management and business practices. Our training program includes stratified training by job level and years of service, as well as objective-based training.

Examples of stratified training programs

Examples of objective-based training programs

Promoting the active involvement of diverse human resources

The existence of diverse viewpoints and senses of values that reflect different experiences, technical skills, and attributes regardless of gender, nationality or other traits among employees is the strength that allows a company to continuously grow. We believe that active involvement of diverse human resources at Takara Bio is essential to achieving continued growth going forward.

Employee composition at Takara Bio (not the Group)

Achieving a comfortable workplace environment and a work-life balance

We are working hard to put workplace and labor environments in place that will allow our employees to work comfortably, and are crafting systems to ensure that all our employees can work enthusiastically while maintaining a balance between their work and their personal lives in keeping with their individual lifestyles.

Employee information (Takara Bio Group)

Items Breakdown FY2019* FY2020 FY2021
No. of employees by region Japan 480** 517 570
Overseas U.S. 207 206 202
China 588 589 587
Europe 71 81 88
Other 89 92 92

* FY2019 means for the year ended Mar 31, 2019.
** Temporary decrease due to business transfer during the fiscal year.

Employee Information (Takara Bio)

Items Breakdown FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
No. of employees by region Male 287 300 327
Female 193 217 243
Diversity Employees with disabilities (%) 2.2 2.2 2.9
Women in managerial positions*1 (%) 20.5 21.4 25.9
Status of employees Average years of service 13 years and one month 13 years and one month 12 years and 8 month
Average age 40 years and 11 months 40 years and 10 months 41 years and 0 month
Average annual remuneration (Tens of thousands of yen) 694 694 695
No. of women who have taken childcare leave 11 7 5
No. of men who have taken childcare leave 1 0 6
Women who returned to work after taking childcare leave (%) 100 100 100
Monthly average of overtime hours 17.75 20.88 25.55
Annual paid holidays taken (%) 10.63 10.81 9.78
Turnover*2(%) 6.7 1.2 1.8

*1 Women in managerial position as of the end of March 2016 *2 Turnover of newly-graduated employees who leave within three years of service

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