Through our efforts aimed at social implementation of advanced medicine, such as support of life science research and development of gene therapy, we are working to create a society in which people can stay well and enjoy life.

Support for the development of global life science research

Takara Bio Group offers a wide variety of products and services in the life sciences field, ranging from those for basic research to those with industrial applications. We are supporting the growth of research in the life sciences by providing universities and businesses around the world with a stable supply of these products.

Application of genetic analysis technology to testing and diagnostics

As demand for PCR testing grows amidst the pandemic, we are working to build up the testing system by strengthening our production system and providing a stable supply of PCR-related products both in Japan and internationally. We have also actively expanded our genetic analysis technology to testing and diagnostics, and are helping people be well by expanding the scope of this technology.

Initiatives for achieving gene therapies

We have also been working to improve access to medical care for rare diseases by leveraging the biotechnology we have cultivated over many years in clinical development of gene therapy for rare cancers and other rare diseases. We are aiming to bring socially impactful regenerative medicine products such as gene therapies to market through our CDMO business to address unmet medical needs.

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