Kusatsu/Shiga, Japan – January 14, 2016 – The Board of Directors resolved today that its consolidated subsidiary, United States-based Clontech Laboratories, Inc. has changed the company name in January 2016 as follows.


1. Overview of the consolidated subsidiary


Clontech Laboratories, Inc.Takara Bio USA, Inc.
Address 1290 Terra Bella Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043
President President, Carol Lou
Business outline Development and sales of research reagents
Capital 83,000 US dollars


2. Reason for the change

Takara Bio develops original three brands, “TaKaRa®”, “Clontech®”, and “Cellartis®” in the world’s bioindustry business for research reagents, scientific instruments, and contracted research services. The current change of the company name will enable to reinforce “Clontech®” as a brand of products and services and increase global awareness of Takara Bio.