Kusatsu/Shiga, Japan – March 22, 2016 – Takara Bio Inc. announces that it has entered into a License and Supply Agreement with Cellectis SA. Under the agreement, Takara Bio grants Cellectis a commercial license to use RetroNectin® and Takara Bio also supplies RetroNectin® to Cellectis .  Cellectis is the ninth conpany that Takara Bio has granted a RetroNectin® commercial use license.


The patented technologies licensed to Cellectis are based on Takara Bio’s proprietary “RetroNectin® method” which includs a technology enabling highly efficient gene transduction to cells by retroviral vector. With such advantages, RetroNectin® method is now becoming increasingly standard in protocols utilized for “Engineered T-cell Therapy” including TCR and CAR gene therapies which have recently raising higher expectations.

Cellectis, by leveraging its proprietary gene editing technology TALEN®, is advancing clinical development of CAR gene therapy in which healthy donors-derived (allogenic) T lymphocytes are utilized.


Takara Bio is promoting supply of RetroNectin® to clinical development of Engineered T-cell Therapy actively pursued worldwide in recent years, and expects higher sales growth in the future.