Kusatsu/Shiga Japan –March 5, 2020 – Takara Bio Inc. (Takara Bio) announced that it has a supportive role in developing prophylactic DNA vaccine against novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) with the advantage of technology for manufacturing plasmid DNA undertaken by a group comprising Dr. Ryuichi Morishita, Professor of Department of Clinical Gene Therapy, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University and AnGes, Inc., etc.


  DNA vaccine, a circle DNA (plasmid DNA) encoding for target protein in pathogen, has no use of harmful pathogen and can be safely manufactured in a short period. Once administered, the pathogenic protein is expressed in the body, leading to stimulate immune response to pathogenic antigen. It shows no pathogenicity, suggesting a safe modality to prevent infection and different approach from attenuated vaccine.


  This vaccine will be developed based on Osaka University and AnGes, Inc.’s expertise of developing plasmid DNA products. Takara Bio who has a proven track record in manufacturing plasmid DNA in our dedicated facility is responsible for constructing and manufacturing DNA vaccine.