Otsu/Shiga, Japan – June 10, 2015 -  Takara Bio Inc. announced that a patent regarding siTCR vector, one of core techniques of Takara Bio’s gene therapies was granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office.


The siTCR technique minimizes the expression of endogenous TCRs by RNA interference, and allows for obtaining more lymphocytes that express the target TCR. The technique is thought to reduce the risk of side effects and improve effectiveness. The patent granted this time was applied jointly with Mie University and Takara Bio.


Takara Bio further facilitates clinical development of siTCR gene therapies based on its proprietary siTCR vector technique, aiming at commercialization of the therapy by fiscal 2021.

【Patent granted】

Title Method for Expression of Specific Gene
Patent no. US9051391
Date of registration/expiration June 9, 2015/December 30, 2028
Countries where patent has been granted Japan, South Korea, China