Otsu/Shiga, Japan   October 1, 2014   Takara Bio Inc. announced that on October 1, it started worldwide marketing of Takara Bio Europe AB (TBEAB) products under brand name of “Cellartis”. TBEAB is former Cellectis AB (head office: Sweden), which Takara Bio acquired from Cellectis SA (head office: France).


Cellartis  was active in development and marketing of research products involving stem cells such as ES cells and iPS cells, since its establishment in 2001. Products were widely known under the brand name of Cellartis™.

These products are in wide use in researches in regenerative medicine fields and evaluation of candidate substances of medicines. The products are used in in vitro experiments and substitute a part of animal experiments or clinical studies, leading to marked reduction in cost or risk associated with drug discovery.


Takara Bio will also start to provide services of manufacturing iPS cells and iPS cells-derived differentiated cells, from cells provided from our customers, with use of TBEAB proprietary technologies. A wide range of services, ranging from quality tests to gene analysis of various types of cells are provided, which leads to improved satisfaction of customer’s needs.


Takara Bio sales initiatives involve expanding lineup of products and services under “Cellartis” brand in stem cell field, a field with rapid expansion of research and development, and boosting our business results.