Shiga, Japan – October 3, 2023 - Takara Bio Inc., an innovative biotechnology company, announced that Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PM Cancer Centre) will present a poster at the Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy 2023 in Canada with regard to the studies performed at technology transfer of CD19 JAK/STAT CAR-T cell product (Development code: TBI-2001). 

Its manufacturing process was developed by Takara Bio and transferred to the PM Cancer Centre in order to start a clinical trial in Canada. Comparability studies were performed to evaluate the products manufactured at the PM Cancer Centre and Takara Bio. Compatibility studies were also performed to determine the suitability of administration materials for the product infusion. 

A No Objection Letter has been received from Health Canada and the investigator-initiated clinical trial of TBI-2001 is underway. ( ID: NCT05963217)

[Outline of Poster Presentation]

Name of Conference

Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy 2023


Fairmont Château Laurier (Ottawa Ontario, Canada)


4 pm – 6 pm on October 3, 2023 (Local time)

Presentation Title

Comparability and Compatibility Studies of TBI-2001: a Novel CAR T Cell Product with a JAK/STAT Signalling Domain.

Takara Bio provides Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) services using our JAK/STAT and siTCRTM technologies to pharmaceutical industries and academic laboratories pursuing gene therapy research. 

We are dedicated to contribute to good health of humankind by developing and implementing innovative gene and cell processing technologies.