Takara Bio Inc. has changed the materials used for the polystyrene foam refrigeration boxes used in the transportation of research reagents, its mainstay product, to recycled materials and began using them.


In addition to room temperature, some research reagents require temperature control for handling and transportation, such as frigeration and refrigeration. In transportation, to avoid the effects of heat, shock, and vibration, we retain the quality and performance of our products by packing them in cold insulated boxes made of polystyrene foam together with refrigerants, coolants, and cushioning materials in accordance with product specifications.
From the viewpoint of environmental friendliness, we replaced the cold storage box for transportation with "recycled polystyrene foam" made from 100% recycled resin from used polystyrene foam and polystyrene from waste home appliances. As a result, approximately 10 tons of polystyrene foam per year will be replaced with recycled materials.


We consider the harmonization of global environmental conservation and business activities to be a key management issue. In addition, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our product packaging by switching to aluminum-less material bags and switching to FSC certified paper-based product boxes.



*Transportation through this packaging is adapted to transportation between ①Takara Bio and our distributor in Japan ②Takara Bio and our overseas subsidiaries.

【Example of packing during transportation of refrigerated and frozen reagents】

①Refrigeration boxes (switching to recycled polystyrene foam) ②Product ③Cushioning materials ④Refrigerants

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