Shiga, Japan – September 7, 2022 - Takara Bio Inc., today launched a new CDMO service  for customers in the pharmaceutical and academic industries, who are interested in applying Takara’s proprietary siTCR~{®} or JAK/STAT technology for their genetically modified T-cell therapy projects.


 siTCR~{®} technology can effectively knockdown the expression of endogenous T-cell receptors (TCR), which also prevents TCR mispairing between endogenous and transduced TCRs and leads to efficient expression of transduced TCR. This technology is currently tested in the clinic in our gene therapy project (Development Code TBI-1301).

 JAK/STAT technology enables genetically modified T cells to promote survival by activating JAK/STAT signaling pathway. Takara Bio is currently developing CD19 JAK/STAT CAR (Development Code TBI-2001) as a next generation CAR-T therapy.


 Under our CDMO services, we offer to design, construct, and manufacture vectors combining any TCR or CAR gene with siTCR~{®} or JAK/STAT technology for the purpose of evaluating these technologies by customers at their own research facilities.


 Takara Bio will continue to focus on creating platform technologies for new modalities relating to gene and cell therapy, including siTCR~{®} technology and JAK/STAT technology, and contribute to human health through creation of a wide range of technologies.



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