Shiga, Japan - July 20, 2022 - Takara Bio Inc., today launched a new CDMO service using a brain-tropic AAV (Adeno-associated Virus) vector "CereAAV™" for customers in the gene and cell therapy industry.


"CereAAV™" is a newly developed vector by Takara Bio with a very strong tropism for the brain. The non-human primate (marmosets) study showed that CereAAV™ can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and achieve high transduction efficiency to the brain, which were 20-fold increase compared to AAV9~{※}.


In order to provide an opportunity to evaluate the CereAAV™ for those in pharmaceutical industries and academia, we are going to provide CereAAV™ with fluorescent reporter gene through our CDMO services. We also offer custom CereAAV™ production service to provide CereAAV™ having the gene of interest (GOI), so that customers can evaluate their GOI in their disease models.


We are expanding our manufacturing facilities to accommodate diverse modalities, including AAV vectors. We are developing a system that will be able to adapt in the future, even when we conduct clinical trials for cerebral diseases using CereAAV™.


We will continue to focus on creating platform technologies for new modalities relating to gene and cell therapy, including CereAAV™, and contribute to human health through creation of a wide range of technologies.


※It has been reported that AAV9 penetrates the blood-brain barrier and transitions to brain.



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