Takara Bio is working on the commercialization of its proprietary platform technology for biologics development.

In the gene medicine business, as an application field of our core technologies of genetic engineering technology and cell engineering technology, we develop the Ancillary materials discovery technology developed by our company, and develop, manufacture, and sell production aids for gene therapy materials.



(Ancillary materials)

  • Development, manufacture, and sale of manufacture ancillary materials, such as RetroNectin~{®}, used in the manufacture of gene therapy product
  • Application for marketing authorization of NY-ESO-1 siTCR™ gene therapy product (TBI-1301) utilizing siTCR™ technology in Japan 
    (under preparation)
  •  Development of JAK/STAT technology suitable for CAR gene therapy and applied development of CereAAV™, a brain-tropic adeno-associated virus vector