Social and Environmental initiatives

Contribution to Society

In line with our corporate philosophy of "Contributing to the health of humankind through the development of revolutionary biotechnologies such as gene therapy", Takara Bio is advancing the development of gene therapies driven by our proprietary technologies, aimed at patients of rare diseases and serious diseases such as cancer for which treatment methods are yet insufficient.
In addition, we make day-to-day efforts to contribute to society by providing researchers worldwide with the research reagents and kits that are essential to leading-edge biotechnology research.

Quality Control

Takara Bio, Takara Biotechnology (Dalian) Co., Ltd., and DSS Takara Bio India Private Limited, which manufacture research reagents, have acquired certification for ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems. In addition, our development and sales site Takara Bio USA, Inc. and our sales site Takara Bio Europe S.A.S. have each acquired ISO certification and engage in strict quality control. Takara Bio Europe AB also plans to acquire ISO 9001 certification.

Certified organizationApplicable standard
Takara Bio Inc.JIS Q 9001 : 2015 (ISO 9001:2015)
Takara Bio USA, Inc. ISO 13485: 2016
Takara Bio Europe S.A.SISO 9001:2015
Takara Biotechnology (Dalian)Co., Ltd.ISO 9001:2015
DSS Takara Bio India Private LimitedISO 9001:2015

The Center for Gene and Cell Processing (Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture) and its LIC Annex (Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture) provide support for the development and manufacturing of regenerative medical products. These organizations are constructing quality control systems based on GCTP/GMP, and have acquired approval to conduct specific processed cell manufacturing. In addition, the CDM Center, which provides genetic analysis services and genetic testing support, performs accuracy management through CAP/LAP certification and is registered as a clinical testing laboratory.

Compliance with Regulations on Living modified Organisms

Takara Bio strives to comply with laws and ordinances including the Act on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity through Regulations on the Use of Living Modified Organisms ("the Cartagena Law"). The company strives to ensure biodiversity as well as safety and health with the establishment of the Genetic Modification Safety Regulations and thorough scrutiny by the Genetic Modification Committee, which has been set up in-house. In the sales of research reagents covered by the Cartagena Law, we call on users to comply with laws and ordinances. As necessary, we confirm that users undergo ministerial confirmation of measures to prevent the dispersion of living modified organisms.

Implementation of Animal testing with Consideration of Animal Welfare

Takara Bio has formulated internal Guidelines on Animal Testing and the Regulations for Implementation of Animal Testing in line with laws, ordinances, and guidelines established by relevant organizations, and makes efforts to engage in strict and fair animal testing. Our animal testing facilities have been recognized for their performance of proper animal testing with scientific perspective, under voluntary control efforts and with consideration of animal welfare. The facilities have been accredited by the Japan Health Sciences Foundation's Center for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and Use.

Environmental Conservation Measures

Amid rising concern over the global environment and the health and safety of local communities, Takara Bio recognizes environmental conservation initiatives as an important issue. We are working on energy conservation, resource conservation, and business activities, such as carbon reduction, that are aimed at reducing environmental impacts. We have made use of structural design incorporating new construction methods with high environmental performance in key facilities, including our main building that combines headquarters functions and research functions, and its adjacent Center for Gene and Cell Processing. Furthermore, we have installed long-lasting, low-energy LED illumination inside buildings and automatic detection systems with motion sensors in hallways, stairways and restrooms, and otherwise give consideration to working environments in order to ensure the safety and health of people. In fiscal 2018, our emissions of CO2 totaled 6,049 tons*1, and of disposed waste totaled 98 tons, and our water usage totaled 27,180m3 in Japan. Based on these numbers, we will work on environmental issues with risk factors such as greenhouse gas and waste emissions in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, as well as water conservation of nearby Lake Biwa*2. Furthermore, we will make efforts to enhance environmental management throughout the group in Japan and overseas, and to globally achieve environmental conservation and coexistence with nature.

*1 Calculated from fuel and electric power emission factors from gas and electric power utilities, etc.
*2 Lake Biwa is the largest in Japan and, is close to headquarters of Takara Bio.

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